Legacy Endowment

Name(s) City State
The Harold and Mildred Southern Family Winston Salem NC

Single Endowment Gifts of $5,000 and Above
Name(s) City State
Garner Anthony * Bonsall CA
Fun Foundation/John C. Jaimson * Williamsburg VA
Libba Galloway Ormond Beach FL
Edward Hegmann – In Memory of Ed and Mary Louise Haddock Hegmann * Fredericksburg VA
Chico and Carole Herrick McLean VA
Mark H. McCormack Windemere FL
Betsy Nagelsen McCormack * Bradenton FL
Family of Fred and Dottie Meyer Indianapolis IN
Joe Montgomery – Optimal Service Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Williamsburg VA
Dorothy B. O'Connor * State College PA
Owens Family Foundation/Carroll and Patty Owens * Alexandria VA
Stephanie A. Tolleson Moreland Hills OH
Millie B. West Williamsburg VA *

*Donations given more than once

Memberships July 2018 – September 2018

Grand Slam $7500 and Above
Mrs. Mildred West Williamsburg VA
Champion $5000 – $7499
Set Level $1500 – $2499
Game Level $1000 – $1499
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Krochmal Williamsburg VA
Ace Level $500 – $999
Mr. Gregori Lebedev and Ms. Suzanne Clark Arlington VA
Deborah L. Southern Asheville VA
Smash Level $250 – $499
Dave & Jeanne Carson Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Vic Verma Sandy Springs GA
Volley Level $101 – $249
Elizabeth Cookson San Mateo CA
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mellette Williamsburg VA
Coach Level $50 – $100
Margaret Cooper West Palm Beach FL
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cromer Kalispell NT
Donna Dastrup La Jolla CA
Peter J. Fitzgerald Sr. McLean VA
Ms. Stewart H. Gamage Charlottesville VA
Mr. and Mrs. Henry George Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Haines Winston-Salem NC
Alice C. Hannam Carmichael CA
Mr. John H. Harvey Concord MA
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Kruger Williamsburg VA
Mary Virginia Mack Melbourne Beach FL
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simpson Virginia Beach  VA
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Spracklin Williamsburg VA
Mr. Brett L. Richmond Tempe  AZ
Player Level $25 – $49
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Lange Dallas TX
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harkins Chesapeake VA
Katherine G. Harrison Chapel Hill NC

*List last updated: August 23, 2018