Legacy Endowment

Name(s) City State
The Harold and Mildred Southern Family Winston Salem NC

Single Endowment Gifts of $5,000 and Above
Name(s) City State
Garner Anthony * Bonsall CA
Fun Foundation/John C. Jaimson * Williamsburg VA
Libba Galloway Ormond Beach FL
Edward Hegmann – In Memory of Ed and Mary Louise Haddock Hegmann * Fredericksburg VA
Chico and Carole Herrick McLean VA
Mark H. McCormack Windemere FL
Betsy Nagelsen McCormack * Bradenton FL
Family of Fred and Dottie Meyer Indianapolis IN
Joe Montgomery – Optimal Service Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Williamsburg VA
Dorothy B. O'Connor * State College PA
Owens Family Foundation/Carroll and Patty Owens * Alexandria VA
Stephanie A. Tolleson Moreland Hills OH
Millie B. West Williamsburg VA *

*Donations given more than once

Memberships July 1, 2016 – November 1, 2016

Grand Slam $7500 and Above
Ms. Betsy Nagelsen McCormack Bradenton FL
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Scharbauer Midland TX
Ms.Millie West Williamsburg VA
Champion $5000 – $7499
Mr. Ed Hegmann Fredericksburg VA *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Montgomery/Optimal Service Group Williamsburg VA*
Set Level $1500 – $2499
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Krochmal Williamsburg VA
Game Level $1000 – $1499
Ms. Elise Buring Mechanicsburg PA
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Herrick Jr. McLean VA
Ms. Traci Madden Lubbock TX
Ms. Shirley Williams Williamsburg VA
Ace Level $500 – $999
Mr.and Mrs. Terry Brennan Los Altos CA
Ms. Sandy Collins Lubbock TX
Ms. Shelia A. McInerney Chandler AZ
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Mellette Williamsburg VA
Ms. Alycia Moulton Menlo Park CA
Mrs. Mildred Southern Greer SC
Ms. Gretchen Rush San Antonio TX
Ms. Mary McLean Wilson Grosse Pointe Shores MI
Smash Level $250 – $499
Mr. and Mrs. David Alderson Lubbock TX
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bornstein Tarzana CA
Mr. and Mrs. David Corson Richmond VA
Marcel Desaulniers and Constance W. Desaulniers Williamsburg VA
Mrs. Donna F. Fales Coral Gables FL
Ms. Belmar Gunderson Geneva FL
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harkins Phoenix AZ
Mr. and Mrs. David Hopkins Centerville OH
Ms. Lee Kostel Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Poling Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pulley Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Thomson Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Timmons Martinez CA
Volley Level $101 – $249
Mr. Baxter Bell Williamsburg VA
Ms. Margaret Cooper West Palm Beach CA
Ms. Carole Cox Franklin TN
Ms. Lise Gregory Clyde NC
Ms. Jarilyn Joseph Pacific Palisad CA
Mr. John Powless Madison WI
Ms. Ann Schroeder New York NY
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wason Williamsburg VA
Ms. Sharon Wright Griffin GA
Mr. Jason Yelley Odessa TX
Coach Level $50 – $100
Ms. Martha Adams State College PA
Ms. Catherine A. Beene Kerrville TX
Mr. and Mrs. Don Beck Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bennett Lake Oswego OR
Ms. Margaret V. Bloss El Paso TX
Ms. Adryenn Cantor San Diego CA
Ms. Betty Cookson San Mateo CA
Ms. Janice Metcall Cromer Kalispell MT
Mr. and Mrs. James Drake Williamsburg VA
Ms. Louise Gengler Davidsonville MD
Mr. and Mrs. Henry George Williamsburg VA
Ms. Bonnie Draper Gobble Williamsburg VA
Dr. Gretchen C. Haines and Mr. Duane Haines Winston Salem NC*
Mr. John Harvey Concord MA
Ms. Carol Hausserman Williamsburg VA
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kalbas Chapel Hill NC
Ms. Janet Kruger Williamsburg VA
Ms. Mary Virginia Mack Melbourne Beach FL
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Malvin Williamsburg VA
Mr. Jeffrey A. Moore Austin TX
Mr. Butch Newman Canyon Lake TX
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling M. Nichols Williamsburg VA
Ms. Dawn Powers Midland TX
Ms. Barbara Ramsey Williamsburg VA
Mr. Brett Richmond Tempe AZ
Ms. Laura Roggenburk Avon Lake OH
Honorable and Mrs. Robert Simpson Virginia Beach VA
Ms. Debbie Southern Greer SC
Mr. and Mrs. Caryn Woodburn Ventura CA
Player Level $25 – $49
Ms. Adele P. Boyd Plymouth Meeting PA
Ms. Tory Ann Fretz Rancho Mirage TX
Ms. Katherine Harrison Chapel Hill NC
Ms. Jill Holvoet NE St. Petersburg FL
Ms. Erica Jasper Tempe AZ
Ms. Margaret Mack Melbourne FL
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parker Sarasota FL
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Strohmeier Williamsburg VA

*List last updated: January 3, 2017